2017-08-26 . . .

Closing Reception | CATCHY


Empty Gallery is pleased to present a closing reception for Jacqueline Kiyomi GordonCatchy, featuring a long DJ set performed by Berlin-based musician Errorsmith. Join Empty Gallery and artists for a summer’s end party and night of electronic dance music.

Due to popular demand, as an exhibition which “stimulates a multi-dimensional, wholly immersive and ultimately introspective journey” (Michele Chan at Freize Magazine, Hong Kong Round-Up), Catchy has been extended on veiw for one more week. As Gordon’s first exhibition in East Asia, the artist has composed a pop song in Los Angeles in collaboration with MNDR, Mess Kid, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs and Jonathan Mandabach. Diffused throughout Empty Gallery’s two floors by a multi-channel speaker system, the song’s composition has been fragmented into its component parts by the artist- localizing its different elements into specific regions of the space. This soundscape is further sculpted and filtered through Gordon’s physical interventions in the gallery. These take the form of a maze of sound blocking and reflecting inflatable structures which rise and fall in sync with the song, as well as a series of hybrid sound blanket-tapestries.

Errorsmith has been a respected figure in Germany’s club scene since the mid ‘90s. Through his own releases and collaborations as part of MMM (with Berghain resident Fiedel) and Smith N Hack (with Soundstream/Soundhack), Errorsmith plays with the boundaries of dance music genres for an openness leading to new rhythmic and sonic shapes. Rooted in the club, his music is crafted with an ear for experimentalism, making for an intriguing physicality. His DJ mixes share a similar philosophy, disregarding genre norms in favor of body-moving eclectic musicality. The artist is renowned for his popular synthesizer plug-in Razor, developed for Native Instruments, his self-built software instruments form the basis of both his productions and live sets.