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EG Reopening Party

Terre Thaemlitz, Mark Fell, Rian Treanor & Robert Lippok

9th Dec, 2018

9 – 10pm Exhibition Preview at Empty Gallery
10pm After party with music curated by Empty Gallery

Empty Gallery founded an experimental concert series in response to Hong Kong’s persistent lack of a dedicated space for experimental music. Unrestricted by genre boundaries, we aim to bring musicians from diverse traditions such as free jazz/improv, modern composition, noise, world music, avant rock, myriad forms of electronic music and more to come perform in Hong Kong and connect with the local music scene.


10pm Robert Lippok Live Set

Robert Lippok (b.1966) is the co-fonder of The Institut für Raumexperimente e.V. Lippok works as musician, visual artist and set designer in Berlin. Known for his expansive imagination, inventive rhythmic reflexes, and layers of fuzzy tones, Lippok’s solo work is just as wide ranging – from funky, glitch-y, twisted techno record Redsuperstructure for Raster Noton (2011), to stage design for operas, gallery exhibitions, and notable collaborations with Italian harpist Beatrice Martini, Canadian percussionist Debashis Sinha or brother Ronald and Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi (the latter trio as Whitetree).


10:30pm Rian Treanor DJ Set

Rian Treanor (b.1988) is an artist and producer based in the North of the UK. His sound practice re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful and compelling musical world of interlocking and fractured components. Treanor’s sound uses off centred rhythmic arrangements, referencing the dynamics of garage and techno as much as Fluxus and Dada cut-ups.


11:30 Mark Fell aka Senate Focus Live Set

Mark Fell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sheffield (UK). In 1998 he began a series of critically acclaimed record releases on labels including Mille Plateaux, Line, Editions Mego and Raster Noton. Fell is widely known for exploring the relationships between popular music styles, such as electronica and club musics, and typically academic approaches to computer-based composition with a particular emphasis on algorithmic and mathematical systems. Since his early electronic music pieces Fell’s practice has expanded to include moving image works, sound and light installation, choreography, critical texts, curatorial projects and educational activities.


12am Special Guest: Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles

Terre Thaemlitz (b.1968) is an award winning multi-media producer, writer, public speaker, educator, audio remixer, DJ and owner of the Comatonse Recordings record label. Her work combines a critical look at identity politics – including gender, sexuality, class, linguistics, ethnicity and race – with an ongoing analysis of the socio-economics of commercial media production. He has released over 15 solo albums, as well as numerous 12-inch singles and video works. Her writings on music and culture have been published internationally in a number of books, academic journals and magazines.