2017-03-22 . . .

Opening Party | Infinite Doors

Sissy Spacek, Gabber Eleganza, Lorenzo Senni & Rian Treanor

In collaboration with Milan based Presto!? Records, Empty Gallery will host a curated selection of performances by Sissy Spacek, Gabber Eleganza, Lorenzo Senni and special guest Rian Treanor. Please come party with us! RSVP is essential. RSVP ([email protected])

Empty Gallery is proud to present Takeshi Murata: Infinite Doors, the LA-based artist’s first solo exhibition in Asia. Although in recent years, Murata has become renowned for his series of surrealist CG still lifes, Infinite Doors focuses on the spiritual core of his artistic practice: the moving image. Spanning a decade-plus between 2004 and 2016, the exhibition surveys the full range of the artist’s work: from early found footage experiments — seminal datamoshing videos such as Monster Movie, 2005 and Untitled (Pink Dot), 2006 — to his most recent work with CG animation. What emerges is a portrait of an artist deeply immersed in the American cultural subconscious, while following an aesthetically seductive practice that belies a profound knowledge and engagement with experimental cinema. Infinite Doors has been designed in close collaboration with the artist as an experiential exhibition format, which serves to amplify the thematics of Murata’s work and the perceptual intensity of his films.

Opening Party
March 22, 9pm – Late