James T. Hong


Animal, Ikon Gallery, 2021

James T. Hong, Apologies v.2016.2 at Jewish Museum of Vienna, 2022

The Thing, Empty Gallery, 2019

Three Arguments About the Opium War (2015), Art Basel Hong Kong, 2022

De Anima, 2021, two-channel video installation

Image courtesy of the artist.

EMP, 2020, watercolor on paper

Image courtesy of the artist.

Opening Closing Forgetting (still), 2018

Image courtesy of the artist.

Terra Nullius or: How to be a Nationalist (still), 2015

Image courtesy of the artist.

James T. Hong is a filmmaker and artist who has been producing thought-provoking, unconventional, and occasionally controversial films and videos for over twenty years.

In recent years, Hong was awarded Grand Prize (Taiwan Competition), Taiwan International Documentary Festival (2021); Art Matters Foundation Grant, NYC (2018) and Best Documentary – Mecenat Award from the Busan International Film Festival (2018). He has participated in group exhibitions at Bonner Kunstverein (2024); the Haus der Kulturen der Welt
(2022, 2017); Center Pompidou Metz (2021); 12th Taipei Biennial (2020); the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia (2018), Chi-Wen Gallery (2017); Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (2017); Para Site (2015). His work was the subject of solo exhibitions at the Jewish Museum of Vienna (2022); Ikon Gallery (2021) and Empty Gallery (2019). He will open a second solo exhibition with Empty Gallery in 2024.

It is light, Bonner Kunstverein
Curated by Fatima Hellberg
May 11  – July 28, 2024

Apologies and Other Regrets
Empty Gallery
Opening June 8

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