2016-05-21 . . .

Magda Mayas × Tony Buck, dj sniff & Shane Aspegren

The Empty Gallery is proud to welcome Berlin-based improvisors Magda Mayas (Piano, Inside Piano, Clavinet) and Tony Buck (Drums) for their Hong Kong debut. Mayas and Buck have been performing together as the prepared piano/percussion duo Spill since 2003. Focusing on an intimate exploration of the timbral, harmonic and rhythmic potentials of their respective instruments, this long-running duo explores sonic connections and contrasts – creating a unique blend of keyboard, string, and percussion music. Spill play with the notions of improvisatory convergence and divergence in a kaleidoscopic and fluid manner, often sounding like a single, interconnected, meta-instrument. Their long-term collaboration continues to push the bounds of traditional practice, as their chemistry inspires endlessly innovative sonic dialogues.

*Special Guests dj sniff x Shane Aspegren will be performing on the same night. Don’t miss the chance to see their amazing duo set live!!