2023-10-18 . . . 2023-10-22

Paris Internationale

Vunkwan Tam, Taro Masushio


Empty Gallery’s inaugural booth at the fair brings together works that draw attention to the psychic interior of subjects often obscured within plain sight.

Informed by a quasi-sociological observation of social structures and behaviours, Vunkwan Tam’s practice reflects on the tautological nature of aspiration, consumption, and desire in our networked era. Often taking the form of marginally adjusted readymades—whether found objects, images, or textual fragments—Tam’s work expresses what might be termed a contemporary ethics of exhaustion, foregrounding the residues of circulation, labour, and the minimal human trace in place of the conventional performance of artistic personae.

Alongside Tam, the gallery will present works by Masushio, whose conceptual practice positions photography as ontological proposition or speculative machine within a nexus which also includes prose, video, drawing, and sculpture. Masushio investigates the capacity of images, not to document an underlying reality, but to manipulate and endlessly extend our own perception– mobilizing the domains of time, space, and affect as plastic qualities to be sculpted in the pursuit of other possible worlds.