2017-02-18 . . .

Endless Cinema

Takashi Makino

Ahead of his inclusion in Documenta 14, Empty Gallery is proud to present the world premiere performance of Takashi Makino’s Endless Cinema. Assisted by fellow filmmaker Rei Hayama, Takashi Makino will deploy multiple projectors and live electronic scoring in an improvisatory cinema performance. Consisting of three asynchronous digital projections upon a single screen, Endless Cinema amplifies Makino’s aesthetics of superimposition, allowing him to deliver hundreds of flickering images per second through multiple projector beams. As in much of his previous work, these images have their origin in the concrete phenomena of nature but are rendered abstract through progressive layering and juxtaposition. In Endless Cinema, the chance convergence of these individual image streams gives birth to a constantly evolving visual experience in which lyrical abstractions and harmonies of color hover at the borderline of perception. In parallel to these projections, Makino will compose a live score for the evolving film, using synthesizers and samplers to respond to the interactions of the images minute by minute. Looking backwards to the multiple-projector experiments of artists such as Paul Sharits and Stan Vanderbeek, while also looking forwards through its embrace of digital technology and aesthetics, Endless Cinema is an essential addition to the field of expanded cinema.