Glistening Troubles, 2017

Image courtesy of the artist and Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik.

Untitled (carpet ecocide bombay beach), 2017

Image courtesy of the artist and Acud Galerie.

Planetwall, 2015

Image courtesy of the artist and Jessica Silverman Gallery.

Jigsaw falling out of place (the lizard lopsided), 2011

Image courtesy of the artist and Grand Century.

Susanne M. Winterling (b.1970) was born and works in Rehau, Germany. Working across a variety of media including film, photography, sculpture, and performance, Winterling is primarily known for her time-based installations which critically engage the representation of reality. Prevailing modernist concepts, power structures and hierarchical historiographies are captured and investigated in her work in the form of spatial constellations. Her practice emphasizes what pure information and form leaves out – including a sensual approach to media and material informed by the understanding of immersion and power as energy flows. With an emphasis on enhancing our perceptual and critical consciousness, Winterling undertakes affective and material-based research that highlights the subjective interaction between producers, viewers, materials and species in our ecology.

Recent exhibitions include Myths of the Marble at HOK Oslo and ICA Philadelphia, An Inventory of Shimmers at the MIT List Center Boston, Contour Biennale 2017, Sitevisit at Kunstverein Freiburg, Complicity at Kunstverein Amsterdam, Tidalectics, at TBA21 Vienna and MoMa Dubrovnik, Variations on time Karma Ltd Extended, Between Bodies at the Henry Art Museum University of Washington, and the Luleåbiennalen 2018.