Tishan Hsu


Installation view from Tishan Hsu: Liquid Circuit

Image courtesy of the artist and Hammer Museum.

Installation view from Tishan Hsu: Liquid Circuit

Image courtesy of the artist and Hammer Museum.

Installation view from Tishan Hsu: Liquid Circuit

Image courtesy of the artist and Hammer Museum.

Blue Cross, 1991

Image courtesy of the artist and Empty Gallery

Installation view from Searching the Sky for Rain

Image courtesy of the artist and SculptureCenter.

Nessea, 1984

Image courtesy of the artist and Empty Gallery.

Installation view from Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future

Image courtesy of the artist and Tai Kwun.

Installation view from Phantom Plane, Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future

Image courtesy of the artist and Tai Kwun.

Installation view from Cutting the Stone

Image courtesy of the artist and Miguel Abreu Gallery.

Installation view from Into Form: Selections from the Rose Collection, 1957 – 2018

Image courtesy of the artist and Rose Art Museum.

Installation view from Glow Like That

Image courtesy of the artist and K11 Art Foundation.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Hsu’s formative years were in Zurich (Switzerland), Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and New York. Hsu had his first one-person show as a teenager in Virginia, where his paintings were exhibited throughout the region. He studied architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his B.S.A.D. in 1973 and M.Arch. in 1975. While at MIT, he studied film at the Carpenter Center, Harvard University. He moved to New York in 1979, where he currently resides. Hsu first showed in New York at the Pat Hearn Gallery. Since 1985, Hsu has shown extensively in the US, Europe and Mexico with works inmany public and private collections. From 1988-90, Hsu lived and worked in Cologne, Germany.


From 2013-2016, Hsu maintained a studio in Shanghai, China, where he worked on a project using historical photographs discovered in photo albums of his extended family. Much of the artist’s work has attempted to convey an embodied technology. Hsu’s interest in technology has not been in the use of a particular apparatus but the perception of a technological affect. His work has included paintings, interactive digital media projections, and sculpture.


Selected public collections include Metropolitan Museum, New York, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, High Museum, Atlanta, Terra Museum, Mexico City, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, and the Weisman Museum, Minneapolis. Hsu has served as a Member of the Board of White Columns and a Governor of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Until recently, Hsu was a Professor of Visual Arts at Sarah Lawrence College, and a visiting professor at Pratt Institute and Harvard University.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, B.S.A.D., M.Arch.

Public Collections

The Whitney Museum of American Art
Rubell Family Collection
Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA
Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Centre George Pompidou, Paris
High Museum, Atlanta
Terra Museum, Mexico City
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
Weisman Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota


1988 - 1990
Cologne, Germany


1994 - 2018
Professor of Visual Arts, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY
2005 - 2006
Visiting Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
1993 - 1996
Visiting As sistant Professor, Patt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Visiting Artist: Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Visiting Artist: Stanford University, Dept. of Art
Visiting Artist: Cranbrook Academy of Art - Painting Dept.
Visiting Artist: Yale University School of Art - Sculpture Dept
Guest Lecturer: Columbia College, Columbia University
Guest Lecturer: Carnegie Mellon University Art Dept.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York
Tishan Hsu: Liquid Circuit, SculptureCenter, New York
Tishan Hsu: Liquid Circuit, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
delete, Empty Gallery, Hong Kong
The Annex, New York
Galerie Rolf Ricke, Cologne, Germany
Lino Silverstein Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Pat Hearn Gallery, New York
M.I.T. List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery, Pittsburgh
Leo Castelli Gallery, New York
Pat Hearn Gallery, New York
Hillman Holland Gallery, Atlanta
Pat Hearn Gallery, New York
Pat Hearn Gallery, New York
White Columns, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions

The Body Electric, Museum of Art and Design, Miami
“Desperately Seeking Susan”, Kathleen Cullen Gallery, New York
“Extension – Mind to Body to Technology", San Giacomo degli italiani, Naples, Italy (with Cybercast from New York)
Below the Canel: After 9/11, Asian American Arts Centre, New York
“Einfach Kunst. Sammlung Rolf Ricke”, Neues Museum in Nürnberg, Germany
“Selections from the Permanent Collection”, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
“Pat Hearn Gallery – Part One (1983-1987)"
“Digital Hybrids”, McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown, Ohio
“Techno.Seduction”, The Cooper Union, New York
“Natural Spectacles”, David Winter Bell Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island
“Art in the Age of Information”, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust & 808 Penn Modern, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“Regard Multiple - Acquisitions de la Societe des Amis du Musee national d’art moderne”, Centre George Pompidou, Paris
“A New American Flag”, Max Protecht Gallery, New York
“42nd Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting”, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washingon, D.C.
“A La Bibliothek”, Salzburger Kunstveriein, Salzburg, Austria; Stadt. Museum, Mulheim a.d. Ruhr, West Germany
“Vertigo”, Galerie Thaddeus Ropac, Paris
“Mind Over Matter”, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
“Culture in Pieces - Other Social Objects”, Beaver Art Gallery, Beaver College, Glenside, Pennsylvania
“The Technological Muse”, Katonah Art Museum, Katonah, New York
”Hybrid Neutral: Modes of Abstraction and the Social”, 1988-1990 traveling exhibiton organized and circulated by Independent Curators Inc., New York
“The Shadow of Presence”, Galerie Charles Cartwright, Paris
“Status of Sculpture”, 1990-1991, ELAC Art Contemporain, Lyon, France; Institute of Contemporary Art, London;Kunstmuseum de Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium; Stiftung Starke, Gemeinnutzige Kunststiftung, Berlin, Germany
“Spellbound”, Marc Richards Gallery, Los Angeles
“Baldessari, Rauschenburg, Rosenquist, Hsu, Quentel”, Ernst Busche Gallery, Cologne, Germany
“Einleuchten - Will, Vorstel & Simul”, Deichtorhallern, Hamburg, West Germany
“Painting Beyond the Death of Painting”, Kuznetsky Most Exhibition Hall, Moscow
“The Silent Baroque”, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg
“Nonrepresentation (The Show of the Essay)”, Annie Plumb Gallery, New York
“The Binational - American Art of the late 80’s”, Institute of Contemporary Art & The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts; Stadtische Kunsthalle, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen & Kunstverein fur die Rheinlande and Westfalen Dusseldorf, West Germany
“Art a the End of the Social”, Rooseum, Malmo, Sweden
“A New Generation of the 1980’s: American Painters and Sculptors”, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
“Complexity & Contradiction”, Scott Hanson Gallery, New York
“The Inside and the Outside”, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
“Drawings”, Laurie Rubin Gallery, New York
“New York Art Now” (Parat II), Saatchi Collection, London, England
“Leo Castelli y Sus Artistas”, Centro Cultural Arte Contemporaneo, A.C., Mexico City, Mexico
“Primary Structures”, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
“Sculptures”, Galerie Charles Cartwright, Paris, France
“NY New Art”, Mayor Rowan Gallery, London, England
“Locations”, Galerie Thaddeus Ropac, Salzburg and Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria
“The Ironic Sublime”, Galerie Albrecht, Munich, West Germany
“The Antique Future”, Massimo Audiello Gallery, New York
“Armleder, Artschwager, Hsu”, Pat Hearn Gallery, New York
“Modern Sleep”, American Fine Arts Gallery, New York
“As Sculpture”, Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York
“Brave New World - A New Generation”, Charlottenburg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
“More Than Meets the Eye”, Fabian Carlson Gallery, London, England
“Emily, Anna & Tishan: The First Generation”, Asian Arts Institute, New York
“Invitational”, Matthews Hamilton Gallery, Philadelphia
“Brilliant Color”, Baskerville + Watson Gallery, New York
“Update”, White Columns, New York
“Berkshire Art Museum, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
“Terminal Show”, Brooklyn, New York
“Arabia Felix”, Art Galaxy, New York


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